I am - Because We Are (a Species in Space)

In our constant search of our place in space, our planet, and our community we have designed a collection that takes a step back. Retracing our steps, trying to understand our relationship with ourselves, our fellow man, nature and a higher power. The Tribes we form, the religions we belong to, what we eat, what we wear and the habitats we live our lives in.

Rialheim explores, rediscovers and re-imagines the relationship of how we perceive the “self” and the “other”.

the African philosophy of “ubuntu” — a concept in which your sense of self is shaped by your relationships with other people. It’s a way of living that begins with the premise that “I am” only because “we are.” The Kenyan literary scholar James Ogude believes ubuntu might serve as a counterweight to the rampant individualism that’s so pervasive in the contemporary world.

This is in contradiction to the philosophy, of "I think, therefore I am"

The I AM collection showcases designs that pushed our artisan’s skills to new limits. Our focus throughout this process was to deliver an original body of work that will both surprise and re-affirm the love for the innovative Rialheim designs.

As a brand that designs and manufactures product for a Brave customer with a need to celebrate their heritage and humanity we have focused our attention to functional wall art  that includes wall clocks & wall mirrors as well as table lamps

We also took the Buy Local sentiment in-house and collaborated with Robertson & Western Cape based artisans to create our wooden planters & the fittings of our table lights.


Reimagine your world in Ceramics, and let's dream, believe and fly together.

Rial Visagie & Daniel Swanepoel