Botanist Cappuccino Mug

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Why Botanist 

The Botanist represents how directly we as a human species are linked and dependent on plants in the ecosystem and where we fit into the ecosystem.  As Botany means the biology of studying plants, we have in all of history studied plants to know if it can nurture and replenish our appetites, cure us from illness or landscape our gardens. This mug represents the human species and its dependence on nature.

We certainly are what we eat!

Capacity                                                 300ml

Measurements                                       10cm x 14cm x 11cm (excl. tray)

Care Instructions                                    Wipe with a we cloth

Collection                                               I AM - A Species in Space



The Marbling of the Multi Earth designs are each Unique as it is an organic pouring of two different color clays. The Technique in the image is to showcase the LOOK. There will be variations in terms of the waves of clay, the combination of dark and light and color as a contribution to the total design. Should you wish to choose from the options available, you can contact to choose your favorite, or alternatively be surprised with your unique piece of bespoke design piece from us.

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