Osmosis Planter

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What the Heck is Osmosis??

Before Shopping starts to sound like a Biology lesson, it is basically the process that allows basic nutrients like water & oxygen to enter and leave human, plant and animal cells.

The shape of this planter or pot plant took us back to that standard 7 (sorry grade 9) Biology lesson and - whoop there it is! 

This is also a perfect size for a wine cooler, to place your bottles of wine out for your friends!

The look is very different from the multi Earth executions to the plain white and matt black color options.


Measurements                         25cm x 25cm x 21cm

Care Instruction                        Wipe with a damp cloth

Collection                                 I am (A Species in Space)


The effect of the multi Earth executions in terra and white and Blue and terra is completely natural and we pour each one by hand. The amount of coloured clay and the patterns they made is therefore unique to each item, and can not be replicated identically. This is the beauty of the handmade, unique clay vessels.

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