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The Library Reed Diffusers & Scented Candles

The Library scented candle and reed diffusers collection from The Farmhouse collection are designed to evoke the nostalgia and warmth of a cozy library. The ingredients used in the scent include leather, pepper, musk, and sandalwood, which create a soothing and luxurious atmosphere. The scent is inspired by the library at the House at Clairvaux Estate Main House, where the Rialheim Studio is based.

The scent is meant to transport you to a moment in time when you were surrounded by books and the quiet hum of knowledge. The description of the scent captures the memory of a child's imagination and the wonder of exploring the unknown. The shiny key around someone's neck holds the promise of adventure and discovery, and the scent of the library brings back memories of the warmth and comfort of that special place.

Experience the nostalgia of The Library collection and let the scent transport you back to a time of books and imagination.

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African Scented candle - Rialheim African Scented candle - Rialheim
African Scented candle Sale priceR 199.00 ZAR
Save R 134.70Rialheim_homedecor_Scentedcandles_diffusers_TheFarmhouseCollectionRialheim_homedecor_Scentedcandles_diffusers_TheFarmhouseCollection
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(290g) The Library Scented Candle - Rialheim (290g) The Library Scented Candle - Rialheim
(290g) The Library Scented Candle Sale priceR 649.00 ZAR