Believe Fruit Bowl Large

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#Dreambelieveunite are the values in our tagline that we always design around when we create for any of our collections, past, present and future. 

The philosophy of UBUNTU - i am because we are - is a way of life we try to embrace in our everyday lives. The men in prayer or meditation represent the individual's hopes and dreams. The circle unites and represents the collective. With this statement fruit bowl, we replenish our bodies, by filling it with candles we give light to darkness, as a stand alone piece it inspires  who we are as individuals, and who we are as a people. Also available as a medium sized bowl.

Collection: Evolution

37cm X 37cm X 20cm



Big bang and Skye Grey Products are double or triple glazed applications and the effect is organically created in the kiln. In terms of the patterns it organically makes, or the high's and lows that take effect in production, makes each item produced UNIQUE and part of the design. These are not quality defects, it is the beauty of handmade, organic craftsmanship.

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