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Best In Show Snack Bowl

Sale priceR 599.00 ZAR

Best on Show Snack Bowl by Rialheim

"Attention all dog lovers! Have you ever watched a dog show and thought, 'My pup is way cuter than those fancy-pants show dogs'? Well, now's your chance to prove it (sort of).

Introducing the Best on Show Snack Bowl - inspired by the world of dog shows where only the best of the best are crowned. But instead of poodles and schnauzers, we've got the real winners - a French Bulldog and a Sausage Dog.

Now, we know your dog is probably the best thing since sliced bread (or dog biscuits), but let's face it - not everyone can be a winner. But when it comes to snacks, everyone can enjoy the best on show. Fill up this playful and high-quality bowl with your favorite treats and snacks, and let the good times roll.

And if you're feeling a bit salty about your dog not being featured, don't worry - we won't judge. Just keep on snacking and loving your pup, and who knows, maybe next year they'll be on the bowl (or maybe not, but we'll still love them anyway).

So grab your snacks and get ready to celebrate the real best in show - the Best on Snack Bowl!

Measurements: 37 X 24 X 10 CM


Best In Show Snack Bowl Sale priceR 599.00 ZAR