Kara the Dachshund Utensil Holder

R 329

The Story

Stitch & Kara ran into our lives with their adorable faces and Stitches' twitching bum, and a rope in his mouth. Sometimes these small moments in life create amazing product ideas. The Frenchie light, in honor of Stitch, brings joy to many people around the globe. 

Since They is such celebrities in their own right in range we decided to honor them by designing more end uses around him. 

You can use this design for your office to add your writing utensils, or to add some cacti greenery to your space.

Use this in your Kitchen as a t-spoon holder, or even in your bathroom as a Toothbrush and ring holder.


 Size                                     12 X 12 X 17 CM

Care Instructions              Wipe with a damp cloth/ wash in soapy water

Collection                           I AM


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