Blue Crane Pack of 4

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The Story

The Blue Crane is a special bird to amaXhosa tribe, who call it indwe. When a man distinguished himself by deeds of valour, or any form of meritorious conduct, he was often decorated by a chief by being presented with the feathers of this bird. After a battle, the chief would organise a ceremony called ukundzabela – a ceremony for the heroes, at which feathers would be presented. These men are also jokingly referred to as "trouble makers", and we love that!

I Am

Our New Collection is called this, because you can be anything you chose to be. You are defined not only by your own stories, but also as part of the community, tribe or family you are from.

At Rialheim we love telling these stories through our products. Stories of our country, our people, our continent, and what defines us as a people from Africa and our place in this world and our universe.

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