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Sale priceR 199.00 ZAR

Candle Plate by Rialheim

Are you tired of playing wax-drip cleanup every time your partner indulges in their candle obsession? We've got the perfect solution - the Candle Tray! Designed with our CEO's marriage in mind, this tray keeps things tidy and stress-free. Say goodbye to wax spills and hello to a more organized, stylish living space. Whether you're using it for your favorite candles, small vases, or fragrance bottles, the Candle Tray adds a touch of sophistication to your collection. Plus, it's the perfect gift for any candle lover in your life (or their partners!). So, light up your life with the Candle Tray and get ready to say goodbye to messy candle mishaps forever. Order now and start enjoying a cleaner, more beautiful home today.

Measurements: 25cm x 12cm x 4cm


CANDLE PLATE Sale priceR 199.00 ZAR