Poseidon Vase Small

R 599


Our Aim vase to create newness in Vases by juxta positioning geometry with the organic.

With the linear geometric lines we decided that we will use stained Earthenware clay to create an atmospheric clay technique to break the geometrics, and then to give it some drama use the bronze to make it look like a volcano has erupted.

Handmade statement vases are trending for flower pots and vases trend in 2022. At Rialheim you as always get unique and original pieces to set you apart from the crowd!


Use Wheat sheaf's and orchid Flowers as part of your arrangement as they look incredible


Measurements                    28cm x 8cm x 8cm

Cleaning instructions          Rinse inside with damp cloth

Collection                             Rebirth



all aspects in terms of the blue and white patterns as well as the hue of the bronze and its natural flow over the vessel is unique. Each one is different. Please consult with our online team to send you photos of what are available. We do however will ensure that the aesthetic and/or vibe is consistent.

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