Excel Mug

R 129

The Story

After a long day, loading the new styles of Evolution in an Excel Spreadsheet, mugs was last on the spreadsheet. It was in this mug that I had my 264th cup of coffee for the day, hence the decision to call it the Excel Mug.

 The Excel Mug is for those of you who spend hours in front of spreadsheets. Drink away!


Capacity                                250ml

Measurements                     12cm x 9cm x 11cm

Care Instructions                  Dishwasher and Microwave safe (Except for Bronze)

Collection                              Evolution


Big bang and Skye Grey Products are double or triple glazed applications and the effect is organically created in the kiln. In terms of the patterns it organically makes, or the high's and lows that take effect in production, makes each item produced UNIQUE and part of the design. These are not quality defects, it is the beauty of handmade, organic craftsmanship.


You can now choose and buy -  on back order - from styles that Rialheim created over the past 5 years, but don't have stock readily available.

There will be a minimum waiting period of 3 weeks, depending on the amount of units, and will only be available in the colours listed in this collection.

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