Game of Thrones Bookends - TEST Studio Grey Lilac

R 1,099

Rialheim Utopia

Our Collections won't be complete without a reference to some POP Culture Phenomenon. When we designed the patterns that would go into this collection, the reference just seemed to scream GOT!

As we had a secret obsession with this HBO series, we designed architectural elements around our King and Queen, the Botanist bust, and the Indwe Telepathy bust, giving them a sense of place in our own Utopian World.

These bookends are large and definitely not a filler in a wall unit, but a focal point as it dominates a room. Also look out for the GOT Vase, wall planters and wall mirror if you are as in love with these patterns as what we are.

Measurements of 1 side (so double up)            38cm x 9cm x 35cm

Care Instructions                                                Wipe with a damp cloth

Collection                                                           I AM (A species is Space)

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