Game of Thrones Wall Planter Medium

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 Rialheim Utopia

Our Collections won't be complete without a reference to some POP Culture Reference. When we designed the patterns that would go into the collection, the reference just seemed to scream GOT!

As we had a secret obsession with this HBO series, we designed architectural elements around our King and Queen, the Botanist bust, and the Indwe Telepathy bust, giving them a sense of place in our own Utopian World.

These wall planters can either stand by themselves or can go up against the wall with drip holes. They seem to have a sense of the art deco period, even though they are organic and botanical at the same time.

Use in the kitchen to plant your herbs as it can stand, or on the outstside wall off your kitchen.


Measurements                    20m X 20cm X 13cm

Care Instructions                Wipe with a damp cloth

Collection                            I am (A species in Space)


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