Humanity Face Vase Large

R 649

Only 2 pieces in stock!

CELEBRATING AFRICA: As all Rialheim products are literally MADE FROM AFRICAN SOIL, WATER & FIRE, it is unavoidable not to be inspired by the richness of our continent.

At Rialheim, we believe, that the riches of Africa lies in its people, traditions and philosophies, and not only in the minerals mined from our beautiful landscapes.

In our "Evolution" collection,  we explore the concept of "beingandbecoming" which allows us to look at the valuable philosophies and traditions left by our forefathers, and how it shaped our social values today.

We celebrate Africa's humanity with 3 amazing pieces. The Humanity Face Vase is a great sized vase to show off statement floral arrangements or simply as a great home decor statement piece on your mantel.   

Dimensions: 17 X 14 X 28 CM

Care Instruction: Microwave and dishwasher safe. (excluding bronze items)

Collection: Brave


Big bang and Skye Grey Products are double or tripple glaze aplications and the effect is organically created in the kiln. In terms of the patterns it organically makes, or the high's and lows that takes effect in production, makes each item produced UNIQUE and part of the design. These are not quality defects, it is the beauty of handmade, organic craftmanship.



You can now choose and buy -  on back order - from styles that Rialheim created over the past 5 years, but dont have stock readily availeble.

There will be a minimum waiting period of 3 weeks, depending on the amount of units, and will only be availble in the colours listed in this collection.

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