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I am Indwe Figurine

Sale priceR 1,599.00 ZAR

"I am Indwe" Figurine

The "I am Indwe" figurine is a unique and special piece that celebrates African culture and heritage. Indwe, which means "Blue Crane" in isiXhosa, is South Africa's national bird and a symbol of distinguished achievement in the isiXhosa culture. This figurine embodies the spirit of the Indwe, representing grace, elegance, and the pursuit of excellence.

Crafted with the utmost attention to detail, the "I am Indwe" figurine is a true work of art. It features intricate feather patterns and a majestic pose, capturing the essence of this beautiful bird. This figurine is not only a stunning decor piece but also serves as a reminder to pursue excellence and to embrace one's cultural heritage.

Measurements: 18cm x 16cm x 52cm

I am Indwe Figurine Sale priceR 1,599.00 ZAR