Impala Skull Medium

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South Africa's biggest Icon, the Impala Springbok!

The impala reaches 70–92 centimeters (28–36 inches) at the shoulder and weighs 40–76 kg (88–168 lb). It features a glossy, reddish brown coat. The male's slender, lyre-shaped horns are 45–92 centimeters (18–36 inches) long.

These are molded from originals that were donated from a family member, all 3 sizes. This skull is a practical size to fit as either a focal point or a great in between item with very intricate details, and is quite feminine in execution, if one can say that about a skull. Anyway, bokke are part of our heritage, and the springbok our National animal, and we are all for it!

Each one is crafted and assembled by hand.


Measurements                            21cm x 16cm 30cm (on wall)

Care Instruction                          Wipe with a damp cloth

Collection                                    I am

How to Hang                              Either Drill a hole in the wall, or hammer  a nail!

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