Mirror Mirror Gift Pack

R 500 R 600

Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all? You of course and with our Mirror Mirror Ultimate Gift Pack your dressing table or bathroom routine will never be the same. Take your beauty regime to the next level with this set that includes our Rocky Horror Utensil Holder which is ideal for storing all sorts of goodies such as jewellery, cotton buds or anything else you can think of. We've also included  Sophisticated Chef's Salt Zesty Rub & Scrub paired with our new long ceramic spoon for scooping in style. The Pink Himalayan Salt can be used for cooking or as an invigorating and revitalising body scrub.


This set is the perfect gift for him or her and is available in our new Terracotta and Matte Earth finish as well as our classic Matte Black & Bronze glaze! Each gift set contains the following:



Rocky Horror Utensil Holder


Sophisticated Chef Salt Zesty Rub & Scrub


Thuma Mina Long Spoon


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