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Scatter Cushion Frankie Woven Houndstooth (35cm x 70cm)

Sale priceR 1,099.00 ZAR

Frankie Woven Houndstooth Scatter Cushions (35cm x 70cm) 

The Frankie Houndstooth Scatter cushion is a beautiful and timeless addition to any home. This cushion is part of the Tactile Futures collection that Rialheim launched at the end of 2022.

This cushion is a reinvention of a classic design, inspired by Rialheim's beloved Frenchie Table Lamp and featuring a new muse, Frankie. The houndstooth pattern is a tribute to Rialheim's imaginary world and honors one of our most successful designs.

Mix and match this cushion with other pieces in this collection. Rialheim created the Tactile Futures Collection to provide a durable range that are not intended for fast fashion but rather something that will last over time. Woven in Cape Town to the highest specifications, it includes a YKK zip.

Rialheim firmly believes in creating pieces that will stand the test of time, and our scatter cushions are no exception. It is a testament to the quality and creativity of the Rialheim team and our commitment to designing and producing products that are both beautiful and functional.



Front:  45% poly, 17% acrylic, 38% olefin.

Back:  65% poly, 35% cotton.   

Applique: 71% acrylic, 29% poly


Collection:  Tactile Futures

Measurements: 35cm x 70cm