Savour The Moment

R 799

This gift pack is a great addition to any bathroom or desk. Included in this set is our Frenchie Utensil Holder which is a handy holder for toothbrushes, rings, pens and more! We've also added our iconic Rafiki Candle Holder which you can use as a bowl, succulent planter or candle holder. To round the set off we've included Sophisticated Chef's luxurious Salt Rub & Scrub with a long ceramic spoon as well as their Lemongrass & Thyme Hand & Body Wash.


This set contains:

 Item Quantity
Frenchie Utensil Holder 1
Rafiki Candle Holder 1
Ceramic Spoon 1
Sophisticated Chef Salt Scrub & Rub 1
Sophisticated Chef Lemongrass & Thyme Hand & Body Wash 1

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