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The ultimate wine lovers gift set! Indulge in a FREE bottle of delicious single vineyard Chardonnay from Prevoir Wines included as a gift with your purchase. This pack includes our ever popular Aldus Carafe for decanting and aerating the wine as well as a set of 4 ceramic tumblers which have been developed exclusively for wine. A must have gift for all the wine connoisseurs and something different to serve wine in ceramic. The ceramic actually helps keep the wine at the right temperature and looks amazing on any table.


About the wine


The Prevoir Chardonnay story.

During every struggle to reach for a dream there is a will that grows stronger and stronger. Throughout his life Tertius mastered many skills as he was exposed to different and challenging experiences and opportunities along the way.  When the long awaited dream of farming came his way, he felt that his life cycle was completed and his serenity balanced. Through faith and perseverance, he was rewarded with an opportunity to cultivate a God-given piece of land that entered his life in a miraculous way – a small and neglected vineyard.   

He started in November 2012 farming this Chardonnay block with special focus and attention to the soil and the capillary roots of the grape-vine.

This was achieved by using of compost and other organic material mainly on the “bankie” of the grape-vines with the main aim to create a friendly environment for micro-organism. 

After the creation of the friendly environment for micro-organism, a further step is taken by mulching the “bankie” with dry organic material like straw, etc. This contributed to keep the soil moistured for developing of effective capillary roots. Micro-irrigation is used only on the “bankies” of the vineyard.

From 2013 no chemical herbicide products is used for weed killing. The weed in the vineyard is pulled out by hand. In the beginning it was an enormous process but currently the weed control is a great success and a clean vineyard as end result. The grape vines are in no competition for the necessary water and nutritive materials. The sources are there exclusively for the grape vines.

The above mentioned mulching and weed control processes also contribute for water saving of at least 30%.

The 1.56 hectare vineyard of Chardonnay is still nurtured with special attention as mentioned earlier. 

Today this piece of rejected vineyard produces an exclusive wine. Initially a total of 750 kg of grapes were harvested and currently 12 tons per hectare.

Tertius continues to live his dream.   An accountant in profession, otherwise a hard (and heart ) driven farmer after hours, weekends, sometimes day and night. The exceptional love for farming, the 1.56 hectare vineyard is nurtured like an orphan.

Visits from town to nurture and pay attention from the roots to the suckling grapes, and thanking God for His natural ways in working nature.

Tertius was supported by several individuals to achieve his goals with this special vineyard in his live. With all the visits to this vineyard the road surrounding the block is surely the “Road most travelled”.

Enjoy the Chardonnay just for the environment it is situated in and the love for the grape-vines as above mentioned story.


This gift set contains:

 Item Quantity
FREE Bottle of Prevoir Chardonnay 1
Aldus Carafe 1
Ceramic wine tumbler 4

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