Solar Ball Planter with Stand

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We are a Species in Space - 

Our story starts here, and it also ends here.

The earth is one of the sister planets in our solar system. Our species live here. We wanted to get a "astronauts"  Birds Eye view when we imaged our new planters on their stands. The feeling of weightlessness and gravity. The feeling of being lost, but finding solace.

Local Carpenter and Designer Wynand Roodt, from a Novel Idea, was in collaboration with us to design all our new stands.


Size                                        Pot  35cm x 35cm x 30cm

                                               Stand 1m x 45cm x 45cm

Care Instruction                    Stand can be wiped with a damp cloth or lightly Oiled 

Collection                              I AM


Matt Eart Multi - Important

Please note that the different colours we use in the clay ensures that there are variations in the patterns of the end product. As this is a 100% handmade product, this technique ensures a completely unique vessel every time.

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