Solar Tube Canister

R 449

 These Tube Canisters are so elegant and great in size - one of our favorite items by far. They come with a bronze glazed lid to keep your content fresh, whether it is coffee/tea or sugar or food like rice, pasta or cookies. If you take the lid off then the container is perfectly safe to display flowers in which makes a wonderfully versatile piece!

 Simple and stylish and NEW


Size                              11cm X 11cm X 26cm

Care Instructions          Wipe with Damp Cloth

Collection                     I AM


Matt Eart Multi is an effect where different coloured clay is poured into the moulds by hand. As we have 4 artisans that pour this technique, each one is different and will have more or less of each colour in the body of the vessel, as well as the patterns the clay makes will also be different from one vessel to another. It will actually be impossible to make them each one exactly the same, unless it is done by machine, and as you know we are all about originality and hand crafted items with soul.

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