Solar Tube FLOOR Vase with Wooden Stand

R 2,999

Only 1 piece in stock!


Floor vases are making a return in the decor world and we embraced this new direction with everything we had.

This absolutely beautiful piece is done in our matt earth technique, and looks absolutely fantastic in the wooden stand designed by Local Robertson Carpentry Designer, Wynand Roodt. 

The piece will look amazing in a corner of a room, and also on a large table or next to or onto a sideboard.


Measurements                    35cm X 35cm X 60cm

Care Instructions                Wipe with a damp cloth

Collection                            I am (A species in Space)


The Multi Earth technique will be different with each vessel we pour, and can look quite different. If you would like to know what the versions look like that we have in stock, kindly mail us at, and we will send you pictures of the styles we have available.

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