The Salvatore Mug Set of 4

R 500 R 556

Only 1 piece in stock!

Smooch this handmade, original and fun Mug whilst you drink your beverage of choice. Get smooched by the moustache cup when you gift your partner with this coffee mug set.

We always love a bit of POP, and if you love the Rocky horror Utensil Holder, then you will love these!

Packaged in a Rialheim Experience Box set of 4

Great for Valentines Day,  Father's Day and Birthdays!




Measurements                     : 12cm l x 8cm w x 10cm h per cup

Volume                                 : 250ml 

Collection                             : Rebirth

Cleaning instructions          : Keep the bronze away from anything acidic 

                                                Domestic Dishwasher safe


Please note that these mugs are all handmade and each mug will be slightly different in execution, from the splatter to the Bronze that sometimes have high's and low's. This is the beauty of handmade. If you can not recognize your mug, then we have not done our job properly

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