The Whippet Smooth Medium Roast Coffee 250g

R 90

This every day blend of ground coffee is chocolatey with punchy citrus fruit flavors from the Nicaragua beans.

This blend can be enjoyed as espresso, drip coffee, Americano, French Press coffee or filter coffee. Enjoy with breakfast, on the run or at work. This is the perfect coffee for anytime of the day.

Growing the economy one cup at a time

The Whippet Coffee represents nearly a decade of coffee excellence. We have carefully selected local boutique farming partners who painstakingly hand select every bean. Once the beans arrive at our roastery, our female-led team masterfully roasts the beans before grinding and delicately packaging them. This coffee represents our passion to sustainably source local produce and create jobs within our community growing the economy, one bag a time.

Brewing tips

Plunger or filter machine: Add 1-2 Tbsps. of medium ground coffee to 180ml of freshly boiled water The ideal brewing time is 3-4 minutes Pour & enjoy!

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