Traditional Solar Vase large

R 749

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This is how I feel about my home"

Rialheim prides itself that all items are hand crafted and 100% African. This item expresses our pure love for the planet that gave life to us and continues to do so. The patterns in the body make reference to the planets in our solar system, and since we are referred to as the Blue planet, this is in reference to our place in space. The candle holder holds reference to an hourglass... referencing our limited time here, and if we do not look after our planet, the time left for future human species is limited.

The inside of this vase is glazed so you can add water for fresh flowers. You can also use this vase as a decorative vessel, without flowers due to the surface interest and shape.


Measurements                    15cm X 15cm X 35cm

Care Instructions                Wipe with a damp cloth

Collection                            I am (A species in Space)



Matt Earth multi will have a combination of blue, off white and variations of terracotta in the body of the piece. We have shown 3 examples here of how different this execution can look.  If you would like to know what the items look like that we have in stock, then leave us a ping and your contact details and we will send you a photo.

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