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Made To Order - 7 to 21 weeks days Lead time

Made To Order - 7 to 21 weeks days Lead time

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Biltong Party TrayBiltong Party Tray
Biltong Party Tray Sale priceR 699.00 ZAR
Koi Fish BowlKoi Fish Bowl
Koi Fish Bowl Sale priceR 999.00 ZAR
Pineapple Utensil HolderPineapple Utensil Holder
Pineapple Utensil Holder Sale priceR 499.00 ZAR
Frenchie Wall CameoFrenchie Wall Cameo
Frenchie Wall Cameo Sale priceR 999.00 ZAR
Wildebeest Wall SkullWildebeest Wall Skull
Wildebeest Wall Skull Sale priceR 2,599.00 ZAR
The Saviour Wall TrooperThe Saviour Wall Trooper
The Saviour Wall Trooper Sale priceFrom R 499.00 ZAR
Mossa the Wall Dino Medium Sale priceR 499.00 ZAR
Biltong tray Small Sale priceR 250.00 ZAR
Biltong tray MediumRialheim_ceramics_Biltongtray
Biltong tray Medium Sale priceR 449.00 ZAR
Skull & Jaw ObjectSkull & Jaw Object
Skull & Jaw Object Sale priceR 1,399.00 ZAR
Swirl Ball Vase Sale priceR 1,999.00 ZAR
Dashund Wall CameoDashund Wall Cameo
Dashund Wall Cameo Sale priceR 999.00 ZAR
Rialheim_Dogs_Airedale_Cameo_ceramics_wallartAiredale Wall Cameo
Airedale Wall Cameo Sale priceR 999.00 ZAR
The Dollie Cameo Sale priceR 999.00 ZAR
Raptor Face in Frame Sale priceR 999.00 ZAR
Lovely DollieLovely Dollie
Lovely Dollie Sale priceR 799.00 ZAR
Dollie T spoon Holder Sale priceR 299.00 ZAR
Backbone Human Skull Wall Cameo Sale priceR 999.00 ZAR
Mossa the Wall Dino LargeMossa the Wall Dino Large
Mossa the Wall Dino Large Sale priceR 1,699.00 ZAR
Dino Curve BowlDino Curve Bowl
Dino Curve Bowl Sale priceR 599.00 ZAR
Ceramic Ram Skull largeCeramic Ram Skull large
Ceramic Ram Skull large Sale priceR 2,499.00 ZAR
Hartebeest Wall Skull Large Sale priceR 2,499.00 ZAR
The Running RaptorThe Running Raptor
The Running Raptor Sale priceR 999.00 ZAR
Dino Foot Planter Sale priceR 999.00 ZAR
Koi Fish CanisterKoi Fish Canister
Koi Fish Canister Sale priceR 500.00 ZAR
Einstein IQ CanisterEinstein IQ Canister
Einstein IQ Canister Sale priceR 500.00 ZAR
Love You Long Time CanisterLove You Long Time Canister
Love You Long Time Canister Sale priceR 500.00 ZAR
Superdate Mug Sale priceR 159.00 ZAR
Superdate Small Bowl Sale priceR 159.00 ZAR
Love My Sausage Heart BowlLove My Sausage Heart Bowl
Love My Sausage Heart Bowl Sale priceR 399.00 ZAR
Love My Sausage Long Time Heart BowlLove My Sausage Long Time Heart Bowl
Humanity Face VaseHumanity Face Vase
Humanity Face Vase Sale priceR 849.00 ZAR