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Rialheim is a ceramic studio based in Robertson, South Africa. The brand was founded in 2012 by Rial Visagie with a small group of ceramic artists and specializes in shapes and glazing techniques that are inspired by Africa’s diverse cultures and beauty.


An expression of our culture and emotions through craftsmanship and design using African soil, fire and water. We proudly design and manufacture all of our products on our farm in Robertson hence our slogan Ceramics, Reimagined • Handcrafted in South Africa. Our goal is to produce functional art that is fun and designed to make you smile whilst we explore the use of African clay.


Our collection is driven by the need to create whilst being inspired by our surroundings that are filled with the beauty of Africa and its people. Our current range, Evolution, explores the concept of being and becoming. A celebration of natural history and exploration of the impact we have on our future.

Evolution addresses the very aspect of what it means to be human with a strong emphasis on the African philosophy of Ubuntu - I am because we are.

This collection celebrates life in all its forms and encourages collectors to treasure the miracle of being.



Clairvaux Estate, situated in the heart of the Robertson Valley in South Africa is the home of Rialheim's studio. An estate steeped in history, Clairvaux’s legacy spans five generations of dreamers who have been inspired by their surroundings and nature to make their dreams a reality. 

In 2014 when the Rialheim name was resurrected, we embarked on a mission to transform Clairvaux’s barns, storerooms and stables into the studios we use today. The Estate pays tribute to our forefathers who laid the foundations from which our new dreams have been created and continue to inspire us daily.