Skull T spoon Holder

R 189

You will find so many unexpected uses for this versatile South African inspired piece. Use it as a spoon rest, tea bag holder, to serve small snacks or even an ashtray (when those friends come over)....

The Skull is in reference to the South African Nguni Cow. The use of photographic Images of the Nguni, their actual horns as well as their hides are a trademark in manny South African homes.


Size                              16cm X 16cm X 7cm

Care Instructions          Dishwasher and Microwave safe (excluding bronze items)

Collection                     Brave


Big bang and Skye Grey Products are double or triple glaze applications and the effect is organically created in the kiln. In terms of the patterns it organically makes, or the high's and lows that takes effect in production, makes each item produced UNIQUE and part of the design. These are not quality defects, it is the beauty of handmade, organic craftmanship.


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