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Backbone Human Skull

Sale priceR 599.00 ZAR

Backbone Human Skull by Rialheim

The Backbone Human Skull D'art Object is not only a unique and striking piece but also a great addition to any study or office. Its design is inspired by the elegance of the human skull and the intricate weaving of nerves and neurons in the spinal cord. This piece reminds us of the importance of protecting and perpetuating our dreams and imagination, and the vital role of the spine in connecting our heart, lungs, and brain.

Rialheim Presents: Backbone Human Skull Small (Previously known as Naledi Skull)
Collection: Anatomy of Clay
Specimen: Backbone Human Skull
Issued by: Rialheim 2022

Measurements: 19cm L X 16cm W X 18cm H (Slight variations might occur due to handmade element)

Backbone Human Skull - Rialheim
Backbone Human Skull Sale priceR 599.00 ZAR