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Dream Round Bowl Medium

Sale priceR 1,499.00 ZAR

Dream Round Bowl, Medium

The embodiment of über cool childhood wonder. Confident enough to admit you're a Sci-Fi Nerd? Cool enough to admit you know how to navigate the stars?

Then this bowl belongs to you! We won't even be offended if you use it as a fruit bowl or a filing system for your documents like some of our beloved clients. Light a candle in the center, have it as your Pièce de résistance. As long as it makes you genuinely smile, every single day.


"Big Bang" and "Skye Grey" colour products are double and triple glazed applications and the effect is organically created in the kiln. Each pattern is unique and the beauty of handmade, organic craftsmanship.

Measurements: 24cm x 24cm x 12cm


Dream Round Bowl Medium Sale priceR 1,499.00 ZAR