Hero Mug - 300ml

R 159

The Comfort of Nostalgia

The Hero Mug has been designed locally in our studio for those who want a firm grip for a little more coffee packed with caffeine. With its vintage feel and larger handle you can be on the go whilst sipping on your favorite java, whilst making crucial decisions.

This mug has been handcrafted to texture, color blocked and speaks to one of our design pillars of evoking feelings of nostalgia, whilst retro in its appearance.



Cleaning Instructions                         Machine washable (not Industrial)

Collection                                            NEW

Capacity                                              300ml



Please note that the bronze will react to any acidic substance and tarnish the product resulting in black spots. Therefore AVOID any vinegar, lemon juice or any other acidic substance close to the product.

The Splatter technique is done by hand, and each one is individually applied, making each one unique, and will never look exactly like the image online.

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