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Poseidon Vase Small

Sale priceR 599.00 ZAR

Poseidon Vase, Small

Our "Geometry vs Organic" collection is a beautiful fusion of two contrasting styles.

The linear geometric lines are juxtaposed by soft organic shapes to create a truly unique item. To add further depth and texture, the vases are made from stained Earthenware clay using an atmospheric technique, creating a beautiful speckled effect.

The vases are finished with a bronze accent, giving them a dramatic look. It's like a volcano has erupted from within the vase, adding an unexpected touch to the design.

Measurements: 8cm x 8cm x 28cm


All aspects in terms of the blue and white patterns as well as the hue of the bronze and its natural flow over the vessel is unique. Each one is unique. Please consult with our online team should you want to view any available options upfront. 


Poseidon Vase Small - Rialheim
Poseidon Vase Small Sale priceR 599.00 ZAR