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Spiritual Totem Candlestick Holder

Sale priceR 249.00 ZAR

Spiritual Totem Candlestick Holder

The Spiritual Totem Candlestick Holder is a beautiful and minimalistic piece that adds a touch of elegance to any space. Its design, inspired by totems, adds a mystical element to the candlestick holder, reminding us to stay connected with our community, our heritage and ourselves.

Measurements: 8cm x 8cm x 16cm

What is a Totem?: A totem is a symbol or object that represents a person, family, clan, or group, often with spiritual or mystical significance. It can be an animal, plant, natural object, or other item that is believed to have a special connection to a particular group or individual, used as a way to connect us with our heritage and our community.

Totems were used as a form of protection or guidance and are often used in rituals or ceremonies. In modern times, totems can be used as decorative objects or as a way to express one's personal beliefs or values.


Spiritual Totem Candlestick Holder
Spiritual Totem Candlestick Holder Sale priceR 249.00 ZAR