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Article: From the desk of Rial Visagie, the Creative Director and Founder of Rialheim (Previously known as Ceramic Factory)

From the desk of Rial Visagie, the Creative Director and Founder of Rialheim (Previously known as Ceramic Factory)

From the desk of Rial Visagie, the Creative Director and Founder of Rialheim (Previously known as Ceramic Factory)

I would like by starting to pay tribute to Ceramic Factory and the people who allowed me the opportunity to make my dreams a reality.

Ceramic Factory will always be Chapter 1 of our story and will always be our foundation. #dreambelievefly. It’s a great privilege to use the platforms and partnerships that Ceramic Factory created, during the last 44 months, to  honour to my forefathers who left us Clairvaux, Robertson that have been our home for the last 2 years by renaming the business Rialheim. 

Thank you to all our clients who have allowed Rialheim pieces into their businesses and homes in the past, we will as always strive to create pieces that create happiness around you hand made by us from African Soil at our Home in Africa. Please join our celebrations in September when we launch the first official Rialheim collection and our new look and feel of our stores that is in transformation currently. 

It’s also an amazing moment for Rialheim since our first container filled with happiness just left for Europe to be sold online under the Rialheim Brand. All I can say is #dreambelievefly. What I love more is the story how it came about  and is living proof that miracles can still happen. It was just another crazy day on the farm and suddenly my cellphone rang and it was The Robertson Small Hotel saying that Superman from Germany would like to meet with you, I immediately push the meeting to Daniel since I don’t take meetings because I don’t speak superman language. It turns out Superman saw our products in @Home stores and fell in love and never looked back and now the ship have sailed. So this story really starts with @Home for believing in our products.

For a brand like @Home to support a local manufacturing business like ours have a huge impact on a small business like Rialheim/Ceramic Factory.


In so many ways @Home have been our African Superman, but what i admire most about the partnership is the respect they as a huge chain have showed for our brand and the support they provided after placing their first orders last year by connecting us with some their suppliers to ensure we adhere to their requirements. The most important part of this partnership is that they allow our products on retail platforms we as a small company would never be able to afford. This partnership have endorsed the quality and design of our product and have assisted us to prepare ourself for superman from Germany on so many levels. In mid August Rialheim will launch a small collection in selected @Home stores and it is such an honour to continue to work with a chain that believe in us and our products. All I can say once again #dreambelievefly

I’m honoured to be a part of the Ceramic Factory/ Rialheim journey, thank you for my amazing team members that never say no to any of my mind ideas or what life throw at us. For amazing family and friends that is there on the rollercoaster ride with us, thank you for understanding when we can’t be the best sons, brothers, uncles or friends we would like to be due to our business commitments and for believing in us. 

Please join us in the journey of finding Rialheim-Land. Where dinosaurs come to life when we are fast asleep. Where our dreams become a reality when we are awake. 


Rialheim's Rial

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