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Article: TACTILE FUTURES: Celebrating 10 Years of Rialheim with a Debut Textile Collection

Rialheim Scatter Collection

TACTILE FUTURES: Celebrating 10 Years of Rialheim with a Debut Textile Collection


Rialheim, nestled in the heart of Robertson, Western Cape, is proud to announce its ten-year anniversary on December 1, 2022. To commemorate this milestone, founder Rial Visagie and his team are thrilled to unveil their newest addition to the lifestyle range: the Tactile Futures textile collection. (A Scatter Cushion Collection)

Renowned for their whimsical ceramic creations, Rialheim has boldly ventured into new creative territory over the past year. Exploring beyond clay, textile design emerged as an exciting avenue for the brand. Today, they proudly present their inaugural collection of scatter cushions and textile designs, marking the beginning of an exciting textile adventure.

Embracing the road less traveled, Rialheim embarked on a journey to explore the endless possibilities of textiles in terms of pattern and product design. They view this debut collection as just the beginning, with plans to continuously push boundaries within the textile realm.

For their maiden collection, Rialheim has partnered with artist and designer Tarien Bruwer, known for her mastery of woven forms. Tarien's longstanding friendship with Rialheim began during an internship with the brand while studying design in Cape Town. This collaboration represents a full circle moment, not only in terms of their friendship but also in their united creative process, venturing into the exciting domain of patterns and graphics, previously unexplored by Rialheim.

Throughout the manufacturing process, Rialheim remained committed to supporting local suppliers exclusively. This choice has fostered incredible relationships and deepened their passion and admiration for the craft community in South Africa. The collection is locally woven using exceptionally high-quality yarns, transforming the scatter cushions into investment pieces and works of art with impressive longevity.

The Tactile Futures collection offers a range of scatter cushions in plains, geometric, linear, and dog-friendly designs, featuring a pared-back palette of monochrome and saffron. Tassels, borders, and appliqué details add exquisite finishing touches, elevating the collection to new heights of sophistication.

Discover the Tactile Futures collection at select @home lifestyle stores, Egg store in Rosebank, Rialheim Brand Store based in Parkhurst, Johannesburg or conveniently online at at Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Rialheim's textile journey and indulge in the tactile possibilities that await.



Inspired by the hand crafted texture on some of Rialheim’s classic ceramic products, they wanted to convey the organic scratched lines onto one of their fabric designs. They love the relaxed, human and warm feeling it gives. This cushion will have two different sides giving you options to play with and style in your home. A timeless design that won’t date and willmix and match well and interestingly with all other pieces in this collection.


Our brave new totem represents Rialheim’s ‘Imaginary World’ and with this totem they celebrate their past while simultaneously looking towards the future. They’ve delved deeper into what they perceive the nucleus of imagination to be: an escape that defies the everyday, the ordinary. This is a bold pattern infused with the energy of bravery.


Designed to be the hero, the statement piece of the collection. This one is for those looking for something unique and with character. An interesting mixture of texture serves as a visual feast for the eyes while breathing life and warmth into any space.


A classic reinvention inspired by the brand’s beloved Frenchie, Frankie, their forever muse. This pattern has a quirk that’s meant to delight and add fun to any curation of scatters.


A striking statement piece that will no doubt be an eye catching conversation starter.


Created in honour of man’s best friend. An inviting centrepiece that will instantly add character and humour to your home.



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