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Sale priceR 1,899.00 ZAR

Airedale BEDSIDE LAMP by Rialheim

Our Airedale table lamp is a functional design piece inspired by the elegant and unique shape of the Airedale dog. Airedale lovers will agree that these dogs are intelligent and independent, with a lot of drive, energy, and stamina.

At Rialheim, we believe in creating functional pieces that are also beautiful and meaningful. The Airedale table lamp is a testament to this belief and is perfect for anyone looking to add some personality and charm to their home decor.

This lamp is made with high-quality materials and designed to stand the test of time. It is both elegant and functional, making it the perfect addition to any home or office space.

Measurements:   30cm X 16cm X 32cm


Airedale Table Lamp - Rialheim A table lamp shaped like an Airedale dog holding the bulb
Airedale BEDSIDE LAMP Sale priceR 1,899.00 ZAR