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Brother Hand Poured Candle

Sale priceR 249.00 ZAR

The Brother Sculpted Candle by Rialheim


Introducing the Brother Candle, who is the twin brother of the mister candle - the perfect companion to our Missus Candle. We believe that both women and men deserve to be celebrated in all their beauty, and what better way to do so than with a candle in their likeness? Our Mister Candle is hand poured with a 100% cotton wick to ensure a clean and long-lasting burn.

Now, we know some of you may think it's weird to burn a candle in the shape of a man, but we like to think of it as celebrating masculinity in all its forms. And if you're looking for a unique decor piece, the Mister Candle is a great choice.

Plus, if you're a groom looking to add your personal touch to your wedding decor, the Mister Candle could be just the thing to make your big day even more special. So go ahead, embrace the weird and celebrate the men in your life with the Mister Candle Holder. It might also be the perfect gift for your ex boyfriend. 🙈 We take that back. Forget reading it. (Please note this comment will be deleted soon. The moment we can find the delete button.)

Measurements: 10cm x 6.5cm x 12cm

All our candles are made from Premium Sason Parafin Wax.

We also use 100% Premium Cotton Wicks

Wicks - 1

Grams 246



Brother Hand Poured Candle - Rialheim
Brother Hand Poured Candle Sale priceR 249.00 ZAR