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Raz The Riverine Rabbit Book Ends

Sale priceR 899.00 ZAR

It is usually Sally the aardvark, or one of her little shits that have the rare privilege of bumping into Raz the Riverine Rabbit. Raz, who is always perfectly groomed, is always searching for a life partner. As he is one of the last of his kind this is a tall order. Not only are the options few, but to get Raz on time for a date takes a lot of managing as he gets stuck in front of the mirror, grooming his ears to absolute perfection...

The riverine rabbit is native to the Karoo desert in South Africa. It has a general appearance that is similar to most rabbits, but the ears and body are longer. It typically has a black stripe running from the corner of the mouth over the cheek, and a white ring around each eye. 

As part of the Weird & Wonderful Collection, this Amazing little Rabbit have a diet which consists of mostly plants and vegetation, but their usual food sources are being diminished, causing a scarcity for their population. This food loss is also connected to other problems such as with forming burrows. A unique aspect of its biology is that females can only produce one offspring per year. This contributes to how it is classified as critically endangered, which is the most severe classification available.


Measurements: 28cm x 12cm x 30cm

Raz The Riverine Rabbit Book Ends
Raz The Riverine Rabbit Book Ends Sale priceR 899.00 ZAR