Solar Candle Holder

R 219

Only 3 pieces in stock!

This Candle Stick Holder has been designed in the shape of a geometric Hourglass.

Since time plays such an importance in our everyday lives it has also done so in the evolution of mankind, and how we have shaped the world around us.

This is an ideal design that can serve as a decor object or as a functional piece.



Measurements                    11cm X 11cm X 16cm

Care Instructions                Wipe with a damp cloth

Collection                            I AM, BECAUSE WE ARE



Matt Earth multi will have a combination of blue, off white and variations of terracotta in the body of the piece. We have shown 3 examples here of how different this execution can look.  If you would like to know what the items look like that we have in stock, then leave us a ping and your contact details and we will send you a photo.



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