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Article: Discover Rialheim Land By Teresa Lizamore

Discover Rialheim Land By Teresa Lizamore

Discover Rialheim Land By Teresa Lizamore

Celebrating 4 years of crafting  Rialheim - Land

Teresa Lizamore

   My first visit to Rialheim land in Robertson was unforgettable. Upon invitation I arrived at the Clairvaux estate to discuss the possibility of a unique outdoor sculpture garden. Driving onto the estate I was confronted by the magnificent Clairvaux manor house dating back to the early 19th century, surrounded by the breathtaking Langeberg mountains. White dinosours and pink pigs were roaming the gardens! A flock of miniature white birds flew past and settled on the roof of the ceramic factory. Some even hovered in the air in front of the factory window, as if trying to see what was happening inside. Next I saw a flying pig and a sign Do not feed the pigs! I am sure I saw Alice in Wonderland walking in the garden. I approached the ceramic studio and shop with hesitation as did not know what other ‘creatures’ I would find. I was suddenly confronted with skulls, flower pots, more pigs …… and then a quirky robot caught my attention – on guard in the gardens. A dog followed me with a light bulb in his mouth. Oh my gosh! So much to see, so much to enjoy, and so much to buy! I could not stop myself from filling my basket with these quirky and delightful ‘creatures’

   For a moment I was in another world that took my breath away. The playfulness and fantasy of Rialheim was invigorating. The fresh air, beautiful gardens and spring flowers with their soothing perfumes, created an environment which was right for not only me, but also for all the Rialheim ceramics waiting for you the visitor to enjoy. Owners of Rialheim, Rial Visagie and Daniel Swanepoel have created something unique. Rial the creative spends his time dreaming of Peter Pan, Pinnochio and many other fairytales from which all his designs originate. Daniel, who is responsible for branding and marketing, is the branding creative of Rialheim. Together they are an amazing team who do not know the end of their energy and talents. They have created a destination and with many ideas continually originating, Rialheim will be on the map for a long time!

Lizamore@Clairvaux Lizamore@Clairvaux
I was approached by Rialheim to open an outdoor sculpture garden alongside the Rialheim ceramic factory in Robertson. I have been in the art industry for 35 years not only curating exhibitions, but also building and nurturing the collections of many corporate institutions such as the Rand Merchant Bank and Sasol art collections. As a curator, director and owner of the Lizamore & Associates gallery in Johannesburg, I found the idea of hosting an outdoor sculpture garden at Clairvaux estate very exciting and an offer I could not refuse. The challenges were big, but as I had always dreamt of a gallery in the Western Cape, I felt that this was meant to be. Lizamore@Clairvauw became a reality, operating since February 2016, hosting a vast supply of contemporary sculpture. This new destination of a ceramic studio and shop on the estate and a sculpture garden, allows for guests to visit a destination of delights. Ultimately we dream of this destination becoming a landmark in Robertson and surrounding areas, drawing people from all parts of South Africa and abroad. I am so proud of what we have achieved at Clairvaux thusfar: a sculpture garden in a unique space that houses sculpture by emerging and established contemporary sculptors from different parts of the country. It allows the visitor a selection of contemporary sculpture that South Africa has to offer. 

Lizamore@Clairvaux Lizamore@Clairvaux Lizamore@Clairvaux

The summer season with new sculpture has been launched with an invigorating new exhibition, Hide and Seek. Time for you to experience Lizamore@Clairvauw, and at the same time enjoy the serene and beautiful landscape. To name but a few, works by contemporary artists Frank van Reenen, Strijdom van der Merwe, Cobus Haupt, Marieke Prinsloo, Uwe Pfaff are proudly showcased in the Hide and Seek exhibition. With the holidays around the corner, why not spend a break-away weekend in Robertson or surrounding towns? There is much to enjoy in this part of the country – as well as many and good B&B’s. A weekend away will allow you ample time to meander on the estate, enjoying the dinosaurs and pigs and so many other wonderful niceties and delights that Riaheim and Lizamore have to offer.

Lizamore@clairvaux Lizamore@Clairvaux lizamore@clairvaux

A peaceful haven to regenerate your spirit!
See you soon!
Teresa Lizamore October 2016


 **Transport of sculpture is sponsored by Stuttaford van Lines. Stuttafords van Lines have partnered with the Lizamore gallery as through their exposure they demonstrate their support of the fine arts. All works on display are for sale.


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