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Article: Styled Spaces - Stuart's Cosmopolitan Cape Town Apartment

Styled Spaces - Stuart's Cosmopolitan Cape Town Apartment

Styled Spaces - Stuart's Cosmopolitan Cape Town Apartment

Lifestyle Interior Photography of Stuart's Cape Town Apartment featuring Rialheim Products

Photography by Darryl Gouws


Stuart Marsh opened his home to us and with a warm welcome, we were greeted with a visually striking interior. The walls painted in different hues of pink, terracotta and green and Rialheim pieces aesthetically placed for optimal elegance. Stuart, having been a Rialheim enthusiast since its conception has a love for the arts and all things quirky. Every element of design from art works to plant stand holders has been selected with care, to create an air of style, constructing a space which Stuart calls home.

Portrait of Stuart Marsh

Meet Stuart

Stuart resides in Cape Town and shares his home with his Persian cat, Jupiter. He has worked in the fashion industry for the past 25 years, specialising in brand management and has worked for brands such as Levi’s, GUESS, Polo, Ronald Sassoon and currently works at SISSY BOY. Denim is his passion but so is interior design. He describes his taste in décor, 


“I would say my taste in décor has somewhat of a gypsy flare and I love mixing and matching various styles. I favour using South African art, as statement pieces throughout my home.”

Interior Photography of Stuart's Apartment featuring Rialheim Wall Decor

His approach to styling his home

“Well fashion is my passion as mentioned, I’ve been in the industry for 25 years, so I love keeping up with current fashion as well as interior décor trends. I’m always aware of the changes that are happening within these industries and like to switch up my living space. I wouldn’t really say that I have a specific, thought out approach when decorating my home, it’s more a thing of; if I see something beautiful and I know there’s a space for it, I’ll probably be taking it home with me.”

Close up photography of Stuart's Interior Styling with Rialheim Vases

His favourite designers and artists

“Rialheim is one of my favourite designers of course, but then a I must mention Gregor Jenkin as another one of my favourite designers/artists, he has such a unique way of manipulating materials such as steel and wood into mind-blowing creations. You know I just wish I had bought one of his metal table designs before it became a worldwide hit. As a South African, it is important to me to try and maintain a consistent African aesthetic in my home décor. It is for this reason that I love Rialheim creations so much. Each piece encapsulates some tale of the mischievous, embedded in South African culture.” Most of the artwork in Stuart's home has been commissioned by him with some of the paintings having been done by our own CEO, Daniel Swanepoel, who studied fine art and still enjoys creating art in his spare time.

 Close up of Wall Decor by Rialheim

He explains his love of Rialheim designs

“I fell in love with Rialheim right at the beginning, some 9 years ago when it was still called Ceramic Factory, I recall walking into the store in Linden and being enamoured by their designs, so playful, yet relatable in the broader context of what it means to be African. I can’t recall my first Rialheim purchase, as you can see from my home, there’s so many. I am however obsessed with the new ranges, and will definitely be buying the designs that include the hints of marble. I love the Puppy Pet Collection and will surely be buying the smaller bowls for Jupiter.”

Stuart's Cape Town Apartment featuring Rialheim Home Decor

A quote to live by

“Sometimes you don’t realise your own strength until you come face to face with your greatest weakness” – Susan Gale


Shop Stuart's Favourite Rialheim Pieces 

Rialheim Brutus Bowl and Geometric Vase in Kitchen
Rialheim Tuchus Vase styled with Magazines Bedroom styled with Matte Black Rialheim Products on Green WallRialheim Wall Decor on Terracotta Wall Living room styled with Rialheim Wall DecorLiving room with Rialheim Ram Skull on Pink WallBedroom Dresser styled with Rialheim Home DecorSide Table Styled with Rialheim Tuchus VaseBathroom Styled with Rialheim decorTerracotta Wall Styled with Rialheim Wall SkullsRialheim Wall DecorKitchen shelf styled with Rialheim Vases and Skulls

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