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Article: Rialheim Launches New Table Lamp Collection in Collaboration with Jovan Geldenhuys from The Artisan

Rialheim Launches New Table Lamp Collection in Collaboration with Jovan Geldenhuys from The Artisan
Press Release

Rialheim Launches New Table Lamp Collection in Collaboration with Jovan Geldenhuys from The Artisan

Rialheim's Full Table Lamp Collection

Rialheim is proud to announce the arrival of their new Table Lamp collection. These pieces are functional creations, lighting up any space beautifully, whether it be a bedroom or office space. There are five lamp pieces, each handcrafted and unique in terms of concept and design. In collaboration with Jovan Geldenhuys from The Artisan, the table lamps came to life. Rialheim chose to work with Jovan because he is truly talented and the the two companies share an understanding of standards and work ethic in the workplace. They are of a similar mindset and believe there is tremendous value in collaboration.

Jovan Geldenhuys from The Artisan recently collaborated with Rialheim on their new Table Lamp Collection 

Rialheim Collaborates with The Artisan

Rial Visage founder of Rialheim has always believed in collaborating with, and promoting local businesses, he is of the strong opinion that if South African artisans stand together, they will surely break into the market, broadening economic possibilities. Rial and Jovan came into contact when Rialheim was still named the Ceramic Factory and had opened a store in Cape Town. Rial approached Jovan asking to stock The Artisans’ products. Jovan goes on to say,


“So we started sending them products on consignment and even talked about working on a collaboration back in the day. It was only a couple of years later that I met them in person at the Hand Made Contemporary Design Exhibition held in Hyde Park Corner. We both enjoyed marvelling at the products on display. I think we were destined to work together on something great.”


Jovan Geldenhuys comes from a background in architecture. In 2013 he decided to establish The Artisan, a platform where he could design and create with his hands and not just from behind a computer screen. As The Artisan grew he ventured onto a new path, leaving his career in architecture behind and immersing himself in his passion. In 2014 his partner, Ingrid joined The Artisan. Both Ingrid and Jovan have design backgrounds and currently have a workshop in Kylemore in the Winelands.


They are known for designing unique lighting pieces and have explored ideas with side tables, mirrors and varying décor pieces. He also takes on custom design challenges, as with Rialheim. Jovan was tasked with the assemblage and fitting of Kiaat wood light fittings on the new Rialheim collection of table lamps and assisted in the design process, he had this to say about collaborating with Rialheim, “We loved working with them from day one. Working with like-minded creatives on collaborations like this has been extremely rewarding. They are always enthusiastic and open minded. When we pitch an idea they are very encouraging and positive, making the process effortless. I admire how they run Rialheim and have learned some positive insights from them.” 


New Table Lamp Collection

Rialheim Naledi Table Lamp shot by Darryl Gouws Photography at The Robertson Small Hotel

Rialheim Naledi Table Lamp

The iconic Rialheim human skull piece has evolved, becoming an ode to humanity, what it means to be human, to be a dreamer, creator and thinker. It is a comment on the natural world and the power of thought, how we should be preserving nature, not destroying it, saving ourselves and future generations. It is a striking design that features a base turned from Kiaat wood and a powder coated steel frame. It has taken on a new form, a functional creation that can be used in your home. 

Rialheim I am Table Lamp shot by Darryl Gouws Photography at The Robertson Small Hotel

Rialheim I Am Table Lamp

This piece is the whimsical exploration of what it means to laugh and experience joy, free from the everyday, the mundane. It is metaphor for our human experience, a symbol of escapism, a hopeful reaction. It hints at the notion - it’s time to shine. You are the only one who can switch your light on and live freely. As a piece of functional art, it becomes an intriguing talking point within any space.

Rialheim R2D2 Table Lamp Shot by Darryl Gouws Photography at the Robertson Small Hotel

Rialheim R2D2 Table Lamp

This piece resembles a modular pod which is functional and sophisticated in its design. The R2D2 lamps are fitted with retro push and pull metal switches, and assembled with a Kiaat trimmed band around the outer circumference.

Rialheim Vitality Table Lamp shot by Darryl Gouws Photography at The Robertson Small Hotel

Rialheim Vitality Table Lamp

The Rialheim Vitality table lamp is a comment on the Covid-19 pandemic. It represents the realisation of the vulnerability and fear we were subject to due to the effects of the virus. The lungs are moulded from raw bisque, symbolising the fragility of the organ and the state of humanity. The matte black powder coated, steel light frame is emblematic of human resilience. This piece illuminates a space with the realisation that we are experiencing a different world to what we have known and we must now brave through it.

Rialheim Freedom Bedside Table Lamp shot by Darryl Gouws Photography

Rialheim Freedom Bedside Table Lamp

This Rialheim piece and its imagery represents freedom. The universal symbol of a fist raised up in the air is reminiscent of the struggle for freedoms denied. It is even more so appropriate for South Africa and the liberation movement. This piece shines a light for all who have struggled, those who are struggling and those who will struggle in the future, for basic human rights and freedom from oppressors. It is a reminder to find the strength within and fight for a better tomorrow. 


Each piece is a statement, a comment on the past, present and future. They inspire different things within, but these will be different for everyone.


To explore the world of Rialheim and shop this amazing new collection, click here or visit one of our retail stores: 

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