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The story of Four Cousins

The story of the third generation of Retief cousins began in the 1990s whenPhillip, Neil, Bussell and Hennie, joined the family farm, Van Loveren, uponcompleting their studies. In 2000, the four Retief cousins introduced theFour Cousins range of wines, which today, 18 years later, is South Africa'sbiggest selling bottled wine brand. Today the four cousins run the businesstogether focussing on their family values and heritage. For more informationabout Four Cousins and van Loveren visit and find them on social media.   Rialheim is proud of our neighbour's success making the Robertson Wine Valley a must visit in the Cape Winelands. To celebrate we are raising a toast to all the dreamers this weekend with complimentary Van Loveren MCC...

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Bravery in transformation by Marlien Wright

Living a life that radiates with vitality & creativity starts with nourishing body and mind. But where does one start, and how do you find the right path to a radiantly healthy you? Unfortunately there are no golden rules, we are all different and we need to find our own way, but I do believe that there are some basic food & lifestyle rules you can follow to make the path there clearer. Choose quality over quantity, for me this means being mindful of what I choose to put in my body and which habits I allow to take root. Food choices for example should be delicious and nutrient dense, every single mouthful, at every meal….even when you are eating...

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Be Brave and Love

LOVE IS BRAVE Whilst in our Linden store a few weeks back I helped a young man to choose a gift for a new love prospect. The poor man was so nervous that it took an hour to select the right gift. I recall going through a similar process the first time I bought my husband a gift. It took real bravery to put myself out there and to show him that I loved him.  It is therefore so fitting that our message for the month of Love is ‘Love is Brave’. In a world where time seems to speed up annually and where it is so easy to live ‘past’ the people we love the most it often takes...

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