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Win a dream stay at Fazenda Luxury Cabins!

Situated in the scenic Hermitage Valley in Swellendam, Fazenda Mountain Cabins offer a picture perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.  When Marilouise van der Merwe and her husband added the cabins to their property portfolio, the Decompanjie collection, they immediately knew that they wanted to work with the existing structures whilst enhancing the contemporary African theme.   “Any renovation is very time consuming and requires abundant creativity to transform something basic and mediocre to an interior and design masterpiece! One of my secrets is using bespoke yet functional pieces to accentuate any interior and Rialheim is always my first choice” says Marilouise.   Using a mix of styles and textures including wood and stone, bespoke Rialheim tiles...

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Bravery in transformation by Marlien Wright

Living a life that radiates with vitality & creativity starts with nourishing body and mind. But where does one start, and how do you find the right path to a radiantly healthy you? Unfortunately there are no golden rules, we are all different and we need to find our own way, but I do believe that there are some basic food & lifestyle rules you can follow to make the path there clearer. Choose quality over quantity, for me this means being mindful of what I choose to put in my body and which habits I allow to take root. Food choices for example should be delicious and nutrient dense, every single mouthful, at every meal….even when you are eating...

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Rialheim is still in its infant years. We recently turned 4 years old and like most young souls Rialheim loves the opportunity to play and draw inspiration from the stylish, the extraordinary, the older and wiser souls, as we discover our own path and our own magical world. At the end of last year I got a call from Rooi Rose asking if we would like to take part in their 75th Birthday Celebration by designing a limited collection of decor and serve ware items for them. The invitation immediately took me back to the memory of when we unpacked my grand mothers attic 3 years ago; during our move to Clairvaux, Robertson.                     After 27 years...

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Be Brave and Love

LOVE IS BRAVE Whilst in our Linden store a few weeks back I helped a young man to choose a gift for a new love prospect. The poor man was so nervous that it took an hour to select the right gift. I recall going through a similar process the first time I bought my husband a gift. It took real bravery to put myself out there and to show him that I loved him.  It is therefore so fitting that our message for the month of Love is ‘Love is Brave’. In a world where time seems to speed up annually and where it is so easy to live ‘past’ the people we love the most it often takes...

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A Brave New World

Do you believe in fate or some may call it magic? That the roads you take and choose ultimately lead to the place you were meant for?         You know its fate when your own dog is the splitting image of Rialheim’s iconic ceramic Pup. Joining the Rialheim team feels like it was always written in the stars for me. And after learning the skills and lessons fate wanted me to learn I have finally arrived at my destination…at my magical destination. Where dreams come true and playing is part of work. Rialheim was based off its founder Rial Visagie’s need to give his creativity a voice. He bravely went on the journey of forming a company...

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